Winter Running Tips

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you should stop your running routine. In fact, being out in nature when its cold and/or snowy makes you feel awesome after being cooped up inside. You are hard core! Here are some tips I have for cold weather running:

1) Layer! For cold days I usually wear warm running tights, a technical long sleeve, then a zippered thick technical pullover, then a thin nylon vest. Same socks as I usually wear. Hat and gloves. If its windy maybe a baklava or scarf to cover your face. You want to be wearing technical/wicking fabrics next to your skin.

2) Be careful in ice and snow. Run in shorter steps for more traction.. You can also run in snow boots or wear Yaktrax on your sneakers – if you do that you will want to keep your runs on the shorter side.

3) Avoid running along the road in snowy and icy conditions. Trails or non-busy roads are your best bet.

4) Bring your favorite running dog! They don’t care that its cold! (Note, one of my dogs is older and I cut him off if its under 20 degrees – sorry Luke)

Ok, now get out there and run! Or walk or hike – just get outside!

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