Quitting my daily cup of coffee

A few weeks ago I gave up my daily cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Now, I don’t think it is a big deal to drink coffee in moderation, especially if you are using fair-trade, organic and shade-grown. But for me, I did not like how much I was addicted to it. Anything that causes your body withdrawal symptoms  if you don’t have is not a good thing.

Instead of weaning myself off of coffee, I went cold turkey. I did have (and continue to have on occasion) a cup of green tea or chai tea in the morning after drinking a large glass of water with lemon. The first day I felt a little off, but it was really days 2 and 3 that were the worst with fatigue and a horrible headache. I did take a magnesium supplement and made myself lots of fresh juices which did help.

I’m over my coffee addiction now… but, one side effect is that I am really craving sugar! So now I am working on figuring out those cravings. I’ve been eating more fresh fruit and sweet vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash to keep those cravings under control. I think my body is wanting the stimulation caffeine used to provide.

I’m happy to be over this addiction. I still love the smell and taste of coffee. But now it will be a treat rather than something I have to drink everyday.

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