Travel Essentials

These essentials make air travel so much more comfortable for me!

Neti Pot – Airplanes really make my nose stuff up, and using the neti pot really helps. I have a plastic one just for travel that won’t break and is lightweight.

Tea – Drinking your own herbal or green  tea on flights and in hotel rooms is nice. And, its so easy to pack.

Snacks – As someone on a plant-based diet that also try’s to avoid gluten and eat organic, finding food at the airport is just not gonna happen. Plus, its  so expensive! I bring carrot sticks, apples, oranges, dates, dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, dark chocolate & almond butter sandwiches. If you are flying out of Reno, NV there is even a Whole Foods very close to the airport where you can stock up.

Water bottle – Bring a water bottle and fill it up at the water fountain. Or, better yet, some airports now have filtered water stations.

Entertainment – Big headphones, iPad, magazines, books, knitting, ipod or phone loaded with music and podcasts.

Thieves Essential Oil Spray – This is a great product. It’s antibacterial – so great to use after using the restrooms – and it smells amazing. If there is a stale smell in the airplane I’ll spray a little in my hands and take a whiff. You can get this on Amazon.

Lip Balm & sample-sized hand lotion – To stay hydrated! I love Hurraw lip balm and currently have a great sample of Rose-scented Weleda lotion.

Patience– Yes, air travel has become not the most fun experience in the world. And other travelers can be very annoying. But take a deep breath and just relax. Sometimes your flight is delayed or you miss a connections. You will be fine. Breathe. You are very fortunate to even have the means to travel. You will get to your destination. Smile and be courteous and kind to your fellow travelers.

Bonus Travel Tip– Meditation app for your iphone! Put your earphones on and bliss out without anyone else knowing. You will feel so much more relaxed and refreshed. Calm is my favorite.

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