Summer Purslane Berry Smoothie

Last week, I purchased some purslane at my local farmer’s market. Purslane is something I had seen growing before as a weed! Here in Pennsylvania, it commonly grows along sidewalks & in the sidewalk cracks. It’s a succulent herb that looks like a mini jade plant. It’s also pretty pesky as a weed.
Little did I know that purslane is edible and super nutritious! Purslane contains more Omega 3 fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid) than any other plant, and is high in vitamins A, C, B, E and the minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium. It can be eaten raw or cooked and has a peppery-cucumbery taste.
I wasn’t sure what to do with purslane, so I gave it a try in a green smoothie. To my surprise, it was delicious! Look for some purslane in your yard or farmer’s market and give this yummy, nutricious smoothie a try!
1 cup of purslane
1 cup of frozen berries
1 large kale leaf
1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon hemp seeds


Mediterranean Grilled Veggie Salad

Veggies are so easy to make on the grill! This is a healthy and great make-ahead picnic item or meal prep item.

1 Medium Eggplant sliced lengthwise
3 Summer squash sliced 1/2” thick
2 red bells, chopped into large pieces
2 red onions, thickly sliced
1 1/2 cups cooked chickpeas or cannellini beans (or 1 can)
1/2 cup chopped olives
1 cup of quinoa
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
2-3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
Celtic Sea Salt
1 lemon, juiced

First cook the quinoa. Bring to a boil with 2 cups of water, simmer for 10 minutes cover. Fluff with fork and let sit to cool.

Put all of your chopped veggies into a large bowl. Add enough olive oil & balsamic  to lightly coat everything. Toss lightly and let marinate for about an hour.

Get your grill heated to 500 with a cast iron grid.

Place veggies on the grill and quickly cook to char – maybe about a minute on each side. Make sure you flip them once with tongs. Do the onions separate as they take longer.

Chop all of the veggies and mix with the beans, quinoa, olives, lemon juice, and the remaining olive oil and balsamic to taste. Season with Celtic Sea Salt to taste.

Can be served hot, lukewarm or cool. Can be stored for about 3 days in the fridge.

Is Eating Fat Good or Bad?

What’s the deal? Is Fat Good or Bad?
Both. You see, not all fats are created equal.

Here is the deal with fats.

Heavily processed, hydrogenated “trans” fats used in prepared, packaged foods can be extremely damaging to the body. They can compromise the cardiovascular system, immune system, and contribute to behavior problems. They can also lead to weight gain, skin breakouts, high blood pressure, and liver strain.

That said, our bodies need fat for insulation, vitamin and mineral absorption, and to protect our organs. High-quality fats can steady our metabolism, keep hormone levels even, nourish our skin, hair, and nails, and provide lubrication to keep the body functioning fluidly.

Eat your healthy fats.
Avocados (my favorite), olives, and coconuts are great sources of healthy fat, along with wild salmon and omega-3 rich organic eggs.

Whole nuts and seeds, and their butters like almond butter or tahini.

Look for the highest-quality organic oils when shopping. Words to look for: organic, first-pressed, cold-pressed, extra-virgin, and unrefined. Avoid expeller-pressed, refined, and solvent extracted.

Let’s learn how to cook with fats:
  • For cooking at high temperatures (stir frying and baking), try grass-fed butter, ghee (clarified butter), or coconut oil

  • When sautéing foods, try organic extra virgin olive oil.

  • Oils like flaxseed, sesame, toasted sesame, walnut, and pumpkin seed are best used unheated in sauces or dressings.

Ok, so I really heart green smoothies. I love them as a breakfast or post-workout meal. Try this creamy avocado-y smoothie!

Avocado Summer Smoothie
1/2 avocado
1 cup organic frozen berries
1/2 frozen banana
Dash of cinnamon
1 tablespoon of almond butter (or 10 almonds)
1 tablespoon chia seeds
2 cups of greens (spinach, kale, chard, etc.)

Healthy Grillin’ Demo this Saturday!

It’s hot out & the perfect time to cook outside on your grill! Are you looking for some healthier options to have instead of the standard hamburgers and hotdogs? This Saturday, we will be showing you how to grill delicious & healthy vegetables and seafood on the grill. You will not believe how tasty grilled veggies are!

Demo is free, this Saturday, July 5th, starting at noon.
Location: Tasty Licks BBQ Supply, 214 W Lancaster Ave., Shillington, PA