Summertime Melon Coconut Juice

Take advantage of the abundance of cantaloupe right now by trying out this cool, refreshing, hydrating juice.This is the prime time of year for fresh cantaloupe! Cantaloupe is a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Potassium. The addition of the coconut kefir is optional, but adds a probiotic punch along with a sweet taste.

Servings: 1

2 large kale leaves
1/2 cucumber (peeled if not organic)
1/2 lime
1” slice of fresh ginger
2 cups of cantaloupe (or watermelon, honey dew, etc)
1 cup coconut kefir
Optional: 1 tsp ground flax seed (added fiber and omega 3s)

Juice the kale, cucumber, lime, ginger & cantaloupe. Then stir in the coconut kefir and/or ground flax seeds. Enjoy!

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