Recipe: Ginger Hibiscus Iced Tea

downloadGinger is a staple in my fridge because it’s tasty and has so many health benefits. At some point in our lives, we’ve probably all used ginger root in some form to combat nausea. My mom used to give me ginger ale whenever I had a sick tummy. Beyond treating an upset stomach, ginger heals many other issues – below are a few.

  • Digestive issues – upset stomach, stomach cramping, gas – yep ginger helps them all.
  • Ginger has a warming effect on the body and improves circulation
  • Soothes your throat
  • Helps relieve tension headaches
  • Promotes a healthy immune system

In the winter time, I enjoy a simple ginger tea, just a slice of fresh ginger root with some lemon juice. But, its hot out and I want a cold beverage… thus this ginger hibiscus tea! You can find dried Hibiscus petals at Natural Grocers or online from Amazon or Mountain Rose Herbs.


1 TBSP dried Hibiscus petals
2” piece of ginger, sliced
Optional: a few mint leaves, lime juice, raw honey or stevia

This makes 1/2 gallon. If you have a full gallon container simply double the quantities.

Place the hibiscus and ginger in a 1/2 gallon size mason jar. Fill with filtered water. Let the the tea sit out in the sun for a few hours. Strain, then add any optional ingredients like mint leaves, lime juice or sweetener.

Chakra Series : 6th Chakra : Third Eye


chakras_map-svgThis month is all about the 6th chakra, our third eye or “Ajna” chakra. The area of this chakra is the center of our forehead. This chakra is all about seeing clearly – seeing things as they really are, awareness, clarity of vision. It’s element is light and its color is violet. It’s sound is a very common chant in yoga classes, “OM.”

thirdeyechakraYoga Poses

Different yoga poses can activate certain chakras. Here a few yoga poses I like to use to activate the third eye chakra:

Child’s Pose:
From a tabletop position, bring your big toes to touch, spread your knees as wide as your mat, and sit back on your heels. Extend your arms forward and press the palms of your hands into the mat. Close your eyes, and place your forehead on the mat. Slowly roll your forehead from side to side to massage your third eye.

Tree Pose:
In tree pose, we work with fixing our gaze, or drishti, to find balance. Bring weight into your right foot. Place the sole of your left foot to your right ankle, shin or inner thigh. Reach up through the inner arches of your right foot, activate your right glutes. Fix your gaze in front of you on something that is not moving – this is called finding your drishti and helps you keep your balance and focus. Bring your hands to meet at your heart center. Five deep breaths, then slowly lower your left foot down. Repeat for other side.

Eagle Pose:
This pose requires you to hug in through your core while keeping your gaze focused. Root down through your right foot, bend both of your knees, and left your left foot off the ground. Cross your left knee over your right, and hug your left foot behind your right calf. “T” out your arms. Then cross your right elbow over your left and bring the palms of your hands to meet. Align your elbows in line with your shoulders. Find your drishti, and hug in through your core, hug your thighs together. Five deep breaths, then repeat on opposite side.

Healing Foods for the 6th Chakra

You can also nourish chakras through the foods you are eating. Foods that nourish your 6th chakra are foods that feed your brain, like cacao! Chocolate helps with mental clarity, depression and helps lower blood pressure. These raw vegan brownies come together in minutes and are sure to make your brain and taste buds happy!


Vegan, Gluten-free, Oil-free

2 cups of chopped dates*
1 cup walnuts
1 cup cacao powder
Pinch of vanilla powder (or 1 tsp vanilla extract)
1/2 cup peanut butter
*If your dates are pretty dry, soak them for 30 minutes, then drain

Add the dates and walnuts to a food processor and process until a dough like consistency. Add the remaining ingredients to the food processor – process until fully combined – a few minutes.

Press the mixture into a baking dish, and put in the refrigerator to set for 30-60 minutes. Then cut to whatever size you like, or make little brownie balls. Done!

Holistic Beauty Rituals – new interview series!


Welcome to a new series here on my blog all about holistic beauty! I’ll be sharing interviews with a variety of women asking about their holistic beauty rituals. Some are beauty experts, some are just regular gals like you and me. Let the holistic beauty secrets begin!

DSC_6802 (1)Meet Anne Havens – holistic beauty expert.  I met Anne through a mutual friend and have attended her women’s empowerment group and yoga retreat. Anne glows from the inside out. She is a licensed esthetician and certified yoga teacher with 15 years experience in the holistic wellness industry. She loves working with women to educate and support them on their healing journey through holistic skincare, health & beauty rituals, yoga, and postural alignment classes.

How do you approach aging and beauty?

I am all about prevention!  The more we support our bodies in our 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s the healthier and more vibrant our skin will be as we mature. Diet is very important to me as well. Knowing that our skin is an organ and the 7th channel of detoxification, helps me keep my nutrition in line.  The skin is a wonderful mirror of internal imbalances which most often comes from inflammation and stress in the digestive system.

I was trained on the island of Maui from a holistic spa & wellness school. Here, I gained a foundation of holistic skincare that emphasizes customized nutrition, mind-body practices, meditation, stress reduction, supportive skincare, and cultivating inner fulfillment and happiness.  I strive to create a complete experience for my clients that addresses these areas as well as supporting their connection to nature and spirit.

What are your daily beauty rituals?

IMG_2037*Deep and complete beauty sleep
*Oil pulling first thing with coconut oil and tongue scraper
*Tall glass of lemon water to hydrate the cells and lemon to gently cleanse
*Green drink with green powder (with probiotics), kale and a few blueberries for breakfast. This alkalizes the body and helps flush out toxins.
*Exercise daily either: yoga, hiking, trail running, or dancing
*Dry brushing before I shower to exfoliate and stimulate lymphatic system
*I exfoliate my skin everyday with a gentle facial cleanser, this helps keep my pores clean and prevents breakout
*Antioxidant rich moisturizer for my skin type that prevents moisture loss and feeds my skin
*I use eye cream and lip balm every night before bed

What are some rituals that you feel all women should be doing?

Facials are really amazing to nurture women and help us feel beautiful and cared for. There is something so soothing and pampering about a facial. When someone lovingly caresses, cleans, and massages your face and scalp, mental tension melts away and you connect to your body in a loving way.

Do you have any beauty rituals or natural products that you have recently tried and/or incorporated into your routine?

I am really loving Eminence Organic Skincare’s Lotus Detoxifying Night Treatment. It has a micro green complex from sprouts that detoxes the skin of environmental pollutants, like car exhaust, while you sleep.

How do you eat for beauty?

IMG_2153Lots of greens and veggies, limit sugar, eat healthy fats and protein. I have experienced less breakouts, colds, and fever blisters when I Eat Right for My Blood Type.

I love drinking green tea and when I am done with the tea bag I use it to clean my face and as a toner around my eyes allowing my skin to soak up all the antioxidants.  Night time is the most important time to wash your face and do your skincare ritual.  It cleans all the dirt and toxins off your skin that have collected there throughout the day and helps the skin to naturally cleanse and restore itself while you sleep.  This process can also help you relax and fall asleep faster.

Any beauty secrets you want to share?

I think whenever we are working towards a goal there needs to be a good balance of practical steps i.e.: hydration, nighttime ritual, detoxing, facials, healthy diet etc. as well as spiritual steps i.e.: meditation, soul-searching, forgiveness, getting clear etc. A lot of time the spiritual steps are left out. But knowing who you are and being really comfortable with your true self leads to inner beauty and outer radiance. Embracing the truth of your being, your nature and all of its flaws, letting go of perfectionism and loving yourself fully creates a clarity and beauty in the eyes, radiance in the skin, and magnetism in your energy.  This is a lifelong process of self-discovery and alignment with our soul’s purpose and calling. I’ve seen this time and again, the shift in the eyes and the energy that happens from owning our story and owning our gifts and deeply loving and accepting ourselves no matter what our situation or circumstances are.

What else do you do to support vibrancy and beauty?

We can stabilize the skin for a time with products and treatments but true lasting beauty comes from both the alignment of the inner and outer, the physical body, mind and soul. One of the best beauty rituals we can do is to look inward at our limiting beliefs whenever they arise. Instead of running away from them, dissect them, see where they are coming from and then choose to see them differently. And we do this over and over again until they no longer have a hold over us. We can continue to stay in a vibration of self love and acceptance as much as possible.  This is beauty.

Anne Havens has a holistic skincare and wellness practice in Arvada, CO, Havens Holistic. She teaches yoga in Golden, CO at McIntyre Community Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic and is co-owner of YOLO Yoga Retreats LLC

For information on their upcoming yoga retreat this June please visit