Repost: Purslane Berry Smoothie


So, I found some purslane growing in my veggie garden the other day. It reminded me of a blog post I did a couple of years ago about purslane – an edible week. Since, I’m seeing it everywhere, I thought I would repost this recipe, enjoy!

7fcca-image-2Last week, I purchased some purslane at my local farmer’s market. Purslane is something I had seen growing before as a weed! Here in Pennsylvania, it commonly grows along sidewalks & in the sidewalk cracks. It’s a succulent herb that looks like a mini jade plant. It’s also pretty pesky as a weed.

Little did I know that purslane is edible and super nutritious! Purslane contains more Omega 3 fatty acids than any other plant, and is high in vitamins A, C, B, E and the minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium. It can be eaten raw or cooked and has a peppery-cucumbery taste.

I wasn’t sure what to do with purslane, so I gave it a try in a green smoothie. To my surprise, it was delicious! Look for some purslane in your yard or farmer’s market and give this yummy, nutritious smoothie a try!

1 cup of purslane
1 cup of frozen berries
1 large kale leaf
1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon hemp seeds

Chakra Series :: Crown Chakra


chakraseriesFor this final post in the chakra series, we will be working our Crown or Sahasrara chakra. The area of this chakra is the crown (or top) of our head. This chakra is our connection and awareness of the divine and our spirituality. It does not have an element as it is pure consciousness, and the color is pure light. It’s symbol is the 1000-petaled lotus. When I think of this chakra I bring up the feeling of being at peace with the universe.

23305640 - mandala the crown chakra

So-ham Meditation
Instead of a series of yoga poses, to finish our chakra series I will leave you with a meditation.

Begin by sitting – on a chair or cross-legged on the floor. If on the floor, place a meditation cushion or blanket under your hips. Sit with a tall spine. Close your eyes and start to bring your focus to the movement of your breath. Start to introduce the silent meditation of so’ham (pronounced so-hum). Hear the sound SOOOOO on the inhale, and the sound HUMMMMM on the exhale. Let your breath be light and easy as you concentrate on this matra. Stay as long as you like, I would recommend at least 10 minutes. To finish the practice, release the mantra and breath for 10 deep breaths. Slowly open your eyes and sit in silence for a minute.

Healing Foods for the 7th Chakra
Nourish your 7th chakra by eating simple whole foods and drinking pure, filtered water. One of my favorite ways to drink plenty of water during the summer is to infuse it with fruit. My favorite combo is mango/mint – try it!


Holistic Beauty Rituals – Meet Stephanie

wordswag_1499270673972Welcome to the second installment from my new series all about holistic beauty! I’m sharing interviews with a variety of women asking about their holistic beauty rituals. Some are beauty experts, some are just regular gals like you and me. Let the holistic beauty secrets begin!

Meet Stephanie, a Denver native and born ice princess who is working towards her next career adventure as a Medical Esthetician. Stephanie convinced me that I should really be wearing facial sunscreen every day here in sunny Colorado, and gave me my first facial I’ve had in many years (a mud facial which you must try).

How do you approach aging and beauty?


Well, at the moment I am going to school to be a medical esthetician and am realizing more and more how important it is to take care of yourself in all aspects of life. I am definitely still learning but not only is eating right and exercising wonderful tools but there are also simple home care regimens of taking care of your outer looks, as in your skin that also need just as much lovin’. So drinking water and using SPF is a simple way to get started.

What are your daily beauty rituals?

I wake up early, take a shower wash and moisturize my skin, using Image products. The Image line is amazing but you can check that out on your own. And I do the same at night. I also have been using the Amor Moor Mud recently and the effects have been very noticeable.

What are some rituals that you feel all women should be doing?

Always use and SPF and enjoy what you eat!

Do you have any beauty rituals or natural products that you have recently tried and/or incorporated into your routine?

I mentioned above Amor Moor Mud above and I must say if you are looking for something natural, then this is one of the most natural products you can find.

mudMoor Mud is a therapy quality peat (PEAT mud bogs of Europe) – an organic substance. This product is a natural decomposition of plants under special conditions. Moor Mud contains organic herbs, flowers and grasses. Over a period of thousands of years, this residue transformed into a fine paste that easily dissolves in water, it has an unusual concentration of bio-minerals, trace elements of vitamins, amino acids, plant hormones and fatty acids in a molecular form that is easy for the human skin to absorb, which the majority of us don’t get on a daily basis.

I take mud baths once every other week to detox my entire body and enjoy mud masks 2 times a week. I have definitely seen a difference in how youthful my skin looks these days.

How do you eat for beauty?

As healthy as possible! I’m only human and right now plenty of fruits and veggies along with yummy proteins and chocolate because I can’t live without chocolate.

Any beauty secrets you want to share?

Sun damage is a real thing. Most people don’t realize that your sunscreen really only lasts for about 2 hours. And hiding in the shade is only 4% coverage. So just try to protect your skin it is one the most important organs of the body.

What else do you do to support vibrancy and beauty?

Investing in ME is the best thing I could do!

Love yourself and treat yourself to things that make you have. Without happiness beauty can’t thrive!