GLOW detox FAQ

The next GLOW guided detox starts Saturday, June 23rd! See details on how to join here.


This is not a convenient week for me to detox, can I do it another time? 
Yes, you can purchase the GLOW healthy detox e-book and do the detox self-paced. The bonus of doing it during the given week is that you can join the Facebook group and get daily encouragement and tips from me.

I tried to join the GLOW detox Facebook group, but was denied. Why?
The GLOW detox group is a private Facebook group for people that have purchased the GLOW healthy detox e-book, an investment of $25. I need to make a living and $25 is more than reasonable as you get lifetime access to the detox FB group. You can purchase the GLOW detox ebook here then request to join the Facebook group again. Most likely the next time I do the detox in September the price will be increasing.

What kitchen equipment will I need?
You will definitely want to have a blender, ideally a high speed blender. A juicer would be great to have, but not required. In fact, most people that have completed the detox haven’t owned a juicer. If you looking to purchase a blender, I would recommend a Vitamix.

So, how will I make juice if I don’t have a juicer?
There are a few things you can do. One is you can blender the items from the juice recipe with some water. You can also substitute a smoothie instead of having a juice. Or, you could purchase cold-pressed juices. Cold-pressed juices can be purchased at most grocery stores in the continental US pretty easily these days. Costco even sells cold-pressed green juice.

This is a lot less food then I usually eat, will I be tired?
Honestly, you may feel tired for the first few days. The calorie intake is lower, your body is starting to detox, and you may be used to drinking caffeine. Usually by the 4th or 5th day you will actually feel more energetic then ever.

Wait, did you say no coffee?!
Yes. I addressed this in a prior blog post last week.

Will I lose weight?
Probably. But as with all diets if you go back to eating the way you did before the detox, you will gain it back.

Can I do the detox for longer than 7 days?
For more people that will be ok, I’ve done it as long as 10 days.

Should I be using organic produce?
Ideally. But, if organic produce is not financially possible or not available where you live, do the best you can. I would recommend investing in organic for items that are on the Dirty Dozen list.

Any questions I didn’t answer here? Contact me!


Have more questions? Send them my way!

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