GLOW detox starts this Saturday!

Are you wanting to do a detox or cleanse, but not sure where to start?  Starting Saturday, June 23, I’ll be guiding you on a 7 day plant-based whole foods detox.


Your body naturally detoxes on a regular basis through the liver, skin, bowels and lungs. But, our bodies may be overwhelmed by the amount of toxins we are exposed to in our modern lifestyle. Doing a detox or cleanse protocol cleanses the blood of toxins and eliminates toxins in a safe way. A good detox protocol flushes impurities from our bodies, boosts our bodily functions, clarifies the mind and frees up energy.

We’ll be giving our digestive system and our bodies a rest for seven days. Foods that are hard on the digestive system will be eliminated from our diets for 7 days. Juices, smoothies and plant-powered meals & snacks will be added into our diets for added nutrients and cleansing properties.

Having a juicer is helpful, a blender is necessary.

This detox program includes access to a private Facebook group where I will be posting daily encouragement, recipes, advice and more. This is also a forum for Glow detoxer’s to share and connect about their detox experiences. Total cost for the program is $25 (the cost of the e-book).

To join the guided detox, purchase the GLOW healthy detox e-book here.

timthumb.phpThe e-book includes:

  • Structured daily meal plan & schedule
  • Calendar with daily detox tasks
  • Recipes
  • Strategies to ease into the detox effectively
  • Self care tips


After purchasing the e-book, request access to the Glow detox facebook group:

The next 7 day detox starts on Saturday, June 23rd – are you ready?

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