Sugar Cleanse :: Sleep, sleep, sleep

cat-1551783_1280Everyone knows that eating right and exercising are top priorities. Few people know that getting enough rest is just as important as meeting your vegetable requirement or hitting the gym or going to yoga.

Are you guilty of not dedicating enough time to relaxation?

I always talk with my clients that just as your body needs proper food and exercise, it also needs adequate time to rest and reboot. Consistent periods of rejuvenation help reduce long-term stress. When we’re not stress, we don’t crave sugary snacks.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Treat your body right and won’t have to battle cravings and an expanding waistline. The good news is your don’t have to give up your evening activities to squeeze in a few extra hours of refreshing shut eye. Focus on quality, not quantity.

Your healthy homework…

Your sleep requirements are as individual as your food requirements – depending on your day-to-day schedule you may need more or less.

Whether you require seven, eight or nine hours of sleep, these tips will help you maximize that precious time:
*Watching TV and surfing the web right before bed will leave you overstimulated and restless – so turn off your electronics at least one hour before and listen to soft music or meditate instead.
*Turn the lights, noise and heat down as you get ready to sleep. Light candles, turn off any noisy electronics and try to keep your room at a comfortable temperature.
*Late-night snacking (especially on junk foods) and caffeine before bed will keep you counting sheep into the early hours, so plan your last meal in advance. However, don’t go to bed on an empty stomach either – balance is key.

Remember – sleep well to be well!

I hope you’re enjoying the cleanse so far! Remember, I’m here for support – just contact me.