Sugar Cleanse :: What to do when cravings hit?


Yesterday’s healthy homework assignment is one my favorites – you were to make a list of sugar free treats to call upon when your life gets unbalanced and out of whack. In case you had a hard time finding ideas, use these healthy treats as inspiration!

tea-1090672_1280*Have a cup of luxurious herbal tea
*Eat a piece of fruit
*Have a glass of kombucha tea (make sure it has no added sugars)
*Have a green juice
*Eat a snack that includes healthy fats, like hummus and carrot sticks or an avocado sprinkled with sea salt
*Go for a short walk outside
*Hug a tree or just be in nature
*Watch a funny movie
*Do something creative – draw, knit, or even draw in an adult coloring book
*Do a quick yoga routine (there are tons on YouTube or come yoga with me)
*Drink a delicious smoothie
*Cuddle with your dog or cat

Homework for you:

Make a list of what you’re going to do when cravings hit. Yours might be completely different from mine, and that’s completely okay. Write the list down and hang it on your refrigerator for reference.

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