My favorite Sweet Potato Recipe

I love sweet potatoes! Here is a recipe I make all of the time. You can make it with your oven or grill. Sweet potatoes are highly nutritious and a great alternative to potatoes. They are high in beta-carotene, Vitamin C & E. It is thought that these three nutrients are a “beauty” food and … Read More

Favorite Snack :: Mashed Sweet Potato

Like a lot of people, I definitely battle some serious sugar cravings at times! One trick that works for me is to eat a sweet vegetables. I LOVE sweet potatoes! When I lived in California I would buy them by the case. They are high in fiber, and satisfy the appetite. The micro-nutrients in sweet … Read More

Ayurvedic Tips for Travel

Travel is back in a big way this summer – especially air travel. Trying by airplane can be a frustrating, stressful experience. I thought it would be interesting to approach travel from an Ayurvedic approach for a balanced mind and body. Traveling by air can be really unbalancing to the body, as our bodies weren’t … Read More

vata season

As I write this, we have fully transitioned into the fall season.  Temperatures have dropped. The air has become dry and windy. The sound of blowing leaves fills the air. The colors of nature have shifted from green to brown. The days are getting shorter. You also might have noticed that your schedule has become … Read More

What to eat for fall (with recipe)

Well, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted here. I’ve recently started a 2-3 year program to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. I’ll be sharing a lot more about that at a later time, but basically Ayurveda is an 5,000 year old system of health and wellness that originated in India. Needless to say, school had … Read More

Sugar Cleanse :: More veggies please!

Today’s topic is one of my favorites! Vegetables are the most neglected foods in standard diets. When I ask my clients why that is, they usually recall memories of being forced to eat all of their mushy broccoli before being excused from dinner. The truth is, vegetables are delicious and pack a serious number of … Read More

Sugar Cleanse 21 day workshop starts July 11th!

Are your sugar cravings sabotaging your health and wellness goals? Join me in a FREE 21 day Sugar Cleanse workshop that will start on July 11th. You’ll learn: The top ways sugar is negatively affecting your health and happiness How your lifestyle affects your sugar cravings Tips on how to treat yourself without sugar without … Read More

Plant-Powered Pesto

One of my goals is to grow my own food. This was the first summer that we had a yard big enough to have some raised bed gardens – and we definitely had some mixed results with our gardening efforts this year. This spring, I started all of our plants from seed. In late May, … Read More

New Recipe: Fall Bowl

Lately I have been all about bowl meals. I add a starch (potatoes, sweet potato or a grain) a bean and a green and done! This bowl meal below is my favorite of the moment. Even though all of the parts of this seem complicated – they are all simple and don’t require a ton … Read More

How to Store Produce

As a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, I’m often introducing my clients to different types of fruits and veggies to add to their diets. One of the most common questions I get is how to store all of this wonderful produce! With the bounty of summer harvest arriving, I thought now was a good time … Read More