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Cooking Classes

Grocery Store Tours

Pantry Makeover

Classes are available for Denver, West Denver Metro Area, Lakewood, Arvada and Golden.
Please e-mail me to schedule and purchase a class, tour or makeover at

Meal Plan & Prep – Private or Small Group Class
Set yourself up for 5 days of healthy eating in just a few hours!
You will learn the basics of:
*Batch cooking
*Crockpot meals
*Make-ahead meals
*Salad bar in your fridge
*Cooking with whole foods
AND we will have fun getting back into the kitchen!This private class, held in your own kitchen, will be 3 hours. Grocery shopping will be done for you prior to the class. We will be making organic, whole-foods, plant-based meals.$150 flat fee plus cost of groceries. Typical grocery costs are $75-$100.Additional students $45 extra per student for up to 4 students total.


After purchase, I’ll e-mail you to set up your appointment times. Available to residents of Denver, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and Arvada. If you are in the Denver metro area and don’t see your town listed, contact me at Travel of more than 5 miles from Wheat Ridge west Denver area may result in additional fees.


Are you looking for a quick cooking class using plant based techniques? Yes? Then Cori is your gal! Ron and I worked with her on Monday and have never had a more full, healthy refrigerator! She is knowledgeable, patient and efficient. I highly recommend this class so that you can jump start your healthy cooking. Homemade hummus from me? – never thought that would happen but boy have we enjoyed it. I thought Quinoa was difficult to make, but it is not! Loved having that is the frig all week – and the veggies and cashews that are in it. I NEVER eat cashews or butternut squash, but I did this week and feel better for it. Sign up to have her come to your house too. Also, all this and more was just $55.00 in groceries (fee for the class is extra), but we can spend that in 2 unhealthy meals out. And it only took 2 hours. WORTH IT!!

Grocery Store Tours

Healthy eating starts with having healthy food at home. But, shopping for food can be overwhelming and confusing. Many grocery stores are actually set up to have you buy the least healthy foods! I will show you how to navigate the grocery store, how to read nutrition labels, and share with you my strategies for saving and splurging. This tour will empower you by giving you the necessary tools to choose the freshest most nutrient-dense foods you can get for your money.

Initial fee of $75 for 1 hour session. $50 per hour for each additional hour.

Pantry Makeover

Is your pantry, fridge and freezer filled with… junk? Are the ingredients in your food sabotaging your health goals? Do you want to make room for healthy, delicious food that will nourish your body?

It’s time to give your pantry a makeover!

I will start our makeover by getting rid of unhealthy foods in your pantry and refrigerator. As we do this, you’ll get a lesson on how to read food labels and decipher what you are putting on your table. You’ll also get some healthy meal ideas and new recipes. Optional: you can follow this up with a Grocery Tour to restock!

Initial fee of $150 for 2 hour session. $50 per hour for each additional hour. Makeovers typically take 2-3 hours.





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  1. Shelley Loving

    Hi Cori. I am about to embark on schooling with IIN. They sent me your site as a reference/example. I just wanted to tell you how great your site is! I hope you are loving your career. I’m anxious about mine! Thanks!

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