Client Love

This summer I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and decided to treat and heal it as naturally as possible.  I wanted to start a raw food, plant-based diet but felt overwhelmed and confused as to how to prepare this type of food beyond just salads. Cori Bernardo came to the rescue! She came to my home, brought her raw ingredients, recipes and simple kitchen equipment that we transformed into delicious, easy to make, nutrient packed meals. She taught me how to prepare a spiraled cucumber salad, mushroom and nut “ground meat” pate, tomato basil salad dressing, sprouted lentil salad, lettuce wrap tacos, and my favorite chia seed pudding! Everything was so tasty and easy to make. I am forever grateful for this session with Cori. She helped me move past my fear of preparing raw plant cuisine and gave me the confidence and knowledge to move forward on my path of healing with nutrition. I have been eating this way for the last 3 months and love the energy and clarity I have gained and the best part…my last Pet Scan came back completely clear of any cancer! Thank you so much Cori for your expertise and support!
Anne, Holistic Cancer Survivor

It is my pleasure to recommend Cori to you as an excellent consultant to assist you in learning to find the best foods, the right exercises, and other appropriate activities to help you to lose weight, enjoy life, and find out about more options for living a meaningful and healthy lifestyle.  I participated in a six month program with her requesting that she review my eating habits and other related activities and trying to make good adjustments to provide me with a sense of direction following that time frame. Cori’s approach to these efforts are very positive and considerate by training to treat each person to meet their goals and directions including offering various options to motivate the participant.  Her ongoing interaction via telephone conversations, email followup, and occasional mailing with some surprises encourage these ideas to remain with you reviewing and becoming a meaningful learning model.  Her encouragement style, her ability, and her extensive knowledge draws you out in a working conversation providing the format for followup ideas and personal efforts. My goal in my six month experience has been just the type of direction to cause me to further reflect on her topics and ideas over and over.  My eating habits improved, and I have been challenged. -Dustin

Are you looking for a quick cooking class using plant based techniques? Yes? Then Cori is your gal! Ron and I worked with her on Monday and have never had a more full, healthy refrigerator! She is knowledgeable, patient and efficient. I highly recommend this class so that you can jump start your healthy cooking. Homemade hummus from me? – never thought that would happen but boy have we enjoyed it. I thought Quinoa was difficult to make, but it is not! Loved having that is the frig all week – and the veggies and cashews that are in it. I NEVER eat cashews or butternut squash, but I did this week and feel better for it. Sign up to have her come to your house too. Also, all this and more was just $55.00 in groceries (fee for the class is extra), but we can spend that in 2 unhealthy meals out. And it only took 2 hours. WORTH IT!


I am very happy with the results of the 6 month coaching program Cori created for me. My goal was to lose “that 10 pounds.” Not only did I lose the weight, but I have so much more energy now! I was also able to get off of my blood pressure medication due to changes in my diet & exercise routine.


I’m so happy with the results I gained from working with Cori as my health coach. Before we started working together, I was eating fast food on a regular basis. I knew this wasn’t the healthiest way to eat, and was concerned because I have high blood pressure. Cori created a program for me that slowly incorporated more nutritious, clean foods. I eat a lot healthier now, and have already noticed I have more energy and my immunity is much better. She also helped me to create a healthier lifestyle by making me more conscious of getting consistent exercise, better sleep and learning how to handle stress. I highly recommend Cori for anyone looking for support in their goals for a healthy living.


Cori has empowered me to live a happier, healthier life. The most valuable part of the six month program she created for me was in meal planning. I am a busy, working mom with a 3 year old and 6 month old. Cori showed me how to efficiently select nourishing recipes with nutrient dense food, and plan how to prep and execute those meals over the week. Not only am I eating healthier, but so is my entire family. It was also extremely valuable to have a Health Coach to help me fit in exercise to my busy schedule, and learn techniques to deal with stress. Cori helped me look at exercise in a whole new light, it was more about constant movement vs getting to the gym so many times a week. I was very surprised that I was losing weight and inches just from being more active during the day. My favorite tip from Cori is to take walking meetings (I work from home). Now, other team members of mine are virtually joining me on walking meetings! I’m extremely satisfied with the results I’ve had, and recommend you hire Cori as your health coach.