Health Coaching Appointments

Initial Consultation:

All of our work together begins with a 90-minute full health consultation. This is a chance to discuss your current health challenges and goals, daily lifestyle and eating habits. Together, we will identify important issues, and discuss improvement methods step-by-step. I will focus on the root causes of your health challenges and make effective methods of taking care of each one. Food suggestions, recipes and diet plans may be provided with the goal of nourishing your body, taking into account your body’s constitution.

With health and wellness coaching, you will take away a deeper understanding of who you are with diet and lifestyle changes to improve your health. I invite you to experience a personal and physical boost, get questions answered about your body and any ailments, and receive a holistic course of action created just for you. You will also have established healthy daily routines that increase your well-being.

$120 for 90 minutes

Follow-up Appointments:

These are 45 minute appointments to support you in continued growth towards your best health. You must have an initial before a follow-up can be scheduled.

$60 for 45 minutes

Consultations provided in-person or over phone. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

E-mail me at for any questions. Click here to submit an appointment request.