Cooking Lessons


Meal Prep Like a Boss


Set yourself up for 5 days of healthy eating in just a few hours!

You will learn the basics of:

*Batch cooking
*Crockpot meals
*Make-ahead meals
*Salad bar in your fridge
*Cooking with whole foods
AND we will have fun getting back into the kitchen!

This private class or small group class held in your own kitchen, will be about 2 hours. A grocery shopping list will be provided for you prior to the class so that you can purchase needed supplies. We will be making organic, whole-foods, plant-based meals (gluten-free on request).

Investment: $150 flat fee plus cost of groceries.  Additional students $45 extra per student for up to 4 students total.

Request an appointment for a cooking class 

Private cooking classes will be held in your homes on a Tuesday or Thursday morning. Available to residents in the Lakewood, Colorado area.

IMG_1941Are you looking for a quick cooking class using plant based techniques? Yes? Then Cori is your gal! Ron and I worked with her on Monday and have never had a more full, healthy refrigerator! She is knowledgeable, patient and efficient. I highly recommend this class so that you can jump start your healthy cooking. Homemade hummus from me? – never thought that would happen but boy have we enjoyed it. I thought Quinoa was difficult to make, but it is not! Loved having that is the frig all week – and the veggies and cashews that are in it. I NEVER eat cashews or butternut squash, but I did this week and feel better for it. Sign up to have her come to your house too. Also, all this and more was just $55.00 in groceries (fee for the class is extra), but we can spend that in 2 unhealthy meals out. And it only took 2 hours. WORTH IT!!-Chris

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